Get A Credit Report On This Business

As a small business the credit worthiness of your clients is key. Through D & B in the U.S. and Trans Union in Canada you can find out if your current or future customer has the resources to pay for the product and services you provide them.


Develop Your Business’ Credit Profile

Your small business probably relies on your personal credit history. Start developing a separate business credit profile that will help you manage your credit and improve your profile with your customers and suppliers


The Financial Package 

No matter who you are seeking money from, they want documentation about your business. will work with you to create a complete business profile including refining or developing:

  • Business and marketing plans 
  • Proper financial statements 
  • A financial strategy so you know how much you need, what is the most appropriate type of debt, and how you will pay it back. 
  • A due diligence package that your business can bank on